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On March 14, PT Greenfields Indonesia was established by building a farm in Babadan Village, East Java, and bringing in the best quality cows from Australia.

Greenfields was officially presented as a milk brand in Indonesia. The milk we produce is of high quality and meets the strictest requirements in the world of microbiology.

After successfully growing rapidly in Indonesia, we expanded to Singapore..

After being successful in Singapore, we expanded our distribution to Hong Kong.

Greenfields was presented in Malaysia and began the construction of China's first dairy farming business.

Factory relocation to Palaan which was designed to be able to absorb 320 tons of fresh milk per day and can still be developed up to 450 tons of fresh milk per day with the addition of equipment and production lines for new products. With the process of implementing industry 4.0 through the use of Industrial IoT and Manufacturing Execution Systems to produce quality products with high efficiency.

Inauguration of the 2nd Greenfields farm in Wlingi, Blitar on an area of 172 hectares, with a capacity of 4,000 lactating cows. First, in Indonesia, farms that use a rotary milking parlor system for a more efficient milking process, new tunnels for good cow comfort, and electricity from biogas-powered power plants obtained from livestock waste processing.

The Greenfields factory in Palaan is the factory with the largest solar panel capacity in East Java. With an efficient and environmentally friendly utility source, equipped with a compressor with the latest technology that can save energy. Lighting using sunlight in the production area and office uses 100% electricity-saving LED lights.

In the midst of an outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease in 2022 which threatens national dairy food security, the integrated dairy farm, Greenfields can get through this well without anyone contracting FMD with very strict bio-security implementation. From both farms in Gunung Kawi and Wlingi, Greenfields can produce up to 97,000 tons of fresh milk annually which contributes 10% to the total national fresh milk production

Greenfields Mission
Our Story

We are a group of modern dairy farmers. Everything we do goes back to keeping our cows happy, because happy cows produce high-quality milk. We pursue progress with distinction to the finest detail. This is the Greenfields Farming Philosophy.

Commitment & Core Values

Greenfields is committed to bringing you only the best quality dairy products and the highest service standards. Our 100% natural, fresh dairy products are consistently produced at the highest quality level, especially in terms of product hygiene and safety. Our close partnerships with our distributors around the region ensure that our customers’ needs are always met promptly and accurately. We value our employees, providing each with equal opportunities for employment, staff development and career advancement. Greenfields also regards its community as an important stakeholder. We take responsibility for the communities in which we live and work in by supporting the traditional farmers, maintaining the land that we are privileged to work on, and protecting our environment and its natural resources.


Greenfields Farming Philosophy

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Good Farms

Our farms are managed by a team of professionals who are experts and experienced in their field always to create healthy and comfortable conditions for cows. Located in Babadan village (Ngajum, Malang, East Java) and Ngadirenggo village (Wlingi, Blitar, East Java), PT Greenfields is Indonesia's largest integrated dairy farm and milk processing factory in Indonesia. Designed to care for more than 19,000 head of cattle, our state-of-the-art farm is equipped with milking wards, stables with controlled air conditions, and controlled feeding equipment to ensure the production of the best quality milk production, health, and nutrition of the dairy cows at all times. well fulfilled.

Greenfields Mission

Our Business

Greenfields Livestock is the Largest Farm in Indonesia, 5 Star home for more than 19,000 cows in the East Java Highlands

The first Greenfields farm is located at an altitude of 1,200 meters above sea level, in the highlands of Malang, precisely in Babadan Village. This place, being home to 9,300 cows that produce 47,700 tons of milk annually, has an important role in the manufacture of Greenfields dairy products in a fully integrated facility. The year-round cool weather and ethical treatment by animal specialists keep them healthy and comfortable. To always bring Greenfields Milk to you, we have inaugurated our second farm in Wlingi, East Java on March 6, 2018. This farm spreads over an area of 172 hectares which is a 'home' for 9,015 cows capable of producing 50,000 tons liters of milk a year. These two farms are of world-class standard, with modern facilities, and are operated automatically to produce high-quality milk that meets international standards, without any human touch during the process. This means Greenfields Milk is not only delicious but also clean, and hygienic and also has low bacteria content! With a strategic location, our dairy farm also helps the plantations owned by residents in the vicinity. Water containing natural fertilizers is channeled through special channels from farms to people's plantations in the surrounding locations. The resulting plants are then sold back by the farmers to us and used as feed for the cows, so we can always maintain the special deliciousness of Greenfields Milk!

Happy Cow! Cows treated by veterinarians and fulfilled their nutritional needs by Greenfields Nutritionists

Quality milk comes from healthy cows. To guarantee the highest quality milk, we import only the finest quality Friesian Holstein dairy cows from Australia. Each cow receives the utmost in health and nutritional care from our team of veterinarians and nutritionists to ensure they are bred according to international standards. Our cows are pampered with a healthy diet of superior corn kernels, grains, special Alfalfa hay, and local king grass containing high protein and fiber. These nutritious feeds keep our cows well-fed and healthy to continue producing fresh, delicious milk that is a trademark of Greenfields. Beyond their diet, our cows are also provided with ‘beds’ of soft sand that are cleared and replenished daily, with their hooves manicured twice yearly. Our cows also get plenty of exercise – their daily walks from their barns to the milking parlour three times a day keep them healthy and happy!

Factory with international standards processes all Greenfields products without the touch of human hands.

Fresh milk is a staple in many households, and we intend to deliver the best milk with only the best nutrients. Our first factory in Babadan, East Java produces 40 million litres of milk yearly. We’ve expanded our ability to deliver with the second factory in Malang, East Java. Built on 7 hectares of land, this second factory is expected to run at 100% of its capacity, producing 90.000 tons liters of milk annually. Read on about our stringent hygiene process and high standards of Quality Control and Quality Assurance in Our Integrated Dairy Business page.

Greenfields own integrated farms and factories to ensure all Greenfields products are hygienic and of high quality for the whole family.

We believe in taking the faster and fresher route, with no detours or room for additives. Our milk is single pasteurized and sealed fresh on our farm. This means less time is spent on travelling and more nutrients retained. Greenfields is the largest dairy company in Indonesia that produces fresh milk only from its own integrated farm and processing facility. Having an integrated farm also means that we get to have full control over the selection of cows, their feed, as well as each step of the milk processing and packaging. This allows us to deliver milk faster, fresher and with no additives or hormones added. To ensure we produce fresh milk with low bacteria content, our cows go through a stringent hygiene process before they are milked using an automatic milking system (Boumatic). This milk is then immediately chilled through a Plate Heat Exchanger (PHE) and sent for processing via cooling stainless steel pipes, which eliminates all possibility of human contamination. All our products are manufactured in the Company’s ISO 22000 and HACCP certified factory in Palaan Malang, East Java. The facility is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and operated by trained supervisors and operators. Each step of our fully automated and integrated processes of pasteurisation, sterilisation and packing is controlled by a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) to ensure a zero-error operation flow. The processing facility is a fully automated, quality controlled and highly secure environment that treats and processes raw milk into pure, fresh tasting, premium quality milk, cheeses and other dairy products for consumption.

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