Q: What does ‘integrated dairy farm’ mean?
A: It means our milk is collected, processed and packed in the same spot. We control hygiene and safety; and this process is faster, meaning it gets to your supermarket and fridge faster and fresher. We don’t truck our raw milk.

Q: What is permeate?
A: Permeate is a technical term for the lactose, water, vitamins and minerals components of milk produced by a separation process called ultra-filtration.

Q: Is permeate found in any of the milk brands in Singapore?
A: Milk brands from Australia and New Zealand, distributed in Singapore, as of end July 2012, have not labelled their packaging as permeate-free. However, we cannot verify the contents of other brands, but we can assure you that Greenfields products do not contain permeate.

Q: Is permeate harmful to human consumption?
A: It is not known to be harmful to human consumption but buying milk with permeate means you’re not getting 100% of what you paid for-fresh milk.

Q: What is so good about Greenfields’ milk?
A: It is real, fresh milk with NOTHING added to it.

Q: Are your cows injected with growth hormones?
A: No.

Q: Are your cows injected with antibiotics?
A: If a cow falls ill, it may be treated with antibiotics, just like humans. But the milk from these cows is NOT used in our production.

Q: Why does Greenfields milk Halal logo look different from Singapore’s Halal logo?
A: Our product is Halal certified by the LPPOM-MUI, which is an institution formed by Majelis Ulama Indonesia (the Islamic Religious Council of Indonesia). MUIS recognises the Halal certification by LPPOM-MUI. Therefore, there is no requirement to use Singapore’s Halal logo.

Q: Why is there sugar content in your milk?
A: The sugar content in our milk is natural and not added. It comes from the feed that we feed our cows.

Q: Does ‘sugar’ in nutritional information refer to additional sugar on the milk?
A: No, ‘sugar’ in nutritional panel refers to lactose or carbohydrates, which are available in the milk. Lactose gives you energy for your daily activities.

Q: If I purchase and open a pack of milk but leave it refrigerated for 1 week and the product has not expired, can I still consume the milk?
A: It is recommended to consume the milk within four days after opening the pack.

Q: Is fresh milk suitable for children under two years old?
A: When starting toddlers on cow’s milk, we suggest that ideally children are two (2) years old and above. However, as each child’s condition may differ, and as such we suggest that you seek advice from your paediatrician to determine whether or not your child, who is younger than two (2) years old, is capable of drinking pasteurised milk.

Q: Can I boil the milk for consumption?
A: It is recommended that you warm the milk by putting the milk into a cup/bottle and then, putting the cup/bottle into a bowl of hot water.

Q: What does homogenise mean?
A: Homogenisation is the process of breaking up the fat globules in cream to such a small size that they remain suspended evenly in the milk rather than separating out and floating to the surface.

Q: What does pasteurise mean?
A: It is a process of heating a food, which is usually a liquid, to a specific temperature for a predefined length of time and then immediately cooling it after it is removed from the heat. This process kills bacteria and slows spoilage due to microbial growth in the food.

Q: Does Pasteurised milk need to be kept chilled?
A: Yes, pasteurised milk has to be kept chilled to maintain the freshness. Pasteurisation process only kills pathogen bacteria thus chilled storage will keep the milk longer.

Q: How should we keep UHT milk?
A: UHT milk should be kept at room temperature before opening and has a shelf life of approximately nine months. Once the pack is opened, it is recommended to keep the milk refrigerated and to be consumed within four days.

Q: Why does UHT milk have a long product shelf life? Are there any additional additives in UHT milk?
A: UHT milk is processed at high temperature to kill the microorganisms (bacteria) and is packed with multi-layer packaging to keep the quality of the milk. There are no additional additives or preservatives in UHT milk.

Q: Is your milk suitable for consumption for those who are lactose intolerant?
A: There are many levels of lactose intolerance. If in doubt, contact your doctor or nutritionist.

Q: Are your products suitable for diabetic patients to consume?
A: If you suffer from a chronic disease, you should consult your doctor in terms of the optimal nutrition you should consume.




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Greenfields Fresh Milk in the category of Milk (Fresh)

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DDA_logo_2015 Winner


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Greenfields Fresh Milk has won the Domestic Diva Award 2014 by The Singapore Women’s Weekly for the Fresh Milk Category!


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